CAFE 2016 Convention


Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 10:00 AM


Courtyard Columbus West
2350 Westbelt Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228

Convention Registration:

On-line registration is now closed, but you can still register on-site at the convention.

Convention Schedule:

9am Registration Opens with Swap Meet Setup

10am-12pm Swap Meet Starts and Vendor Room Opens

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm Speaker Rob McLure

2:30pm Speaker Rich Pierce

4pm Speaker Stephan Tanner

7pm Banquet

8pm Speaker Spencer Jack

Convention speaker line-up:

Rob McLure

Rob McLure is currently a member of the Milwaukee Aquarium Society in Milwaukee, WI.  With over 25 years of experience keeping fish, he has tried virtually everything (especially in his college days) from big cichlids to mini reefs.  Rob has bred more than 70 species of aquarium fish and currently maintains more than 50 tanks in his small basement fishroom.  He has focused almost exclusively on Corydoras for the past 3 years and has managed to breed over 35 species in the Corydoradinae group to date, many of those multiple times.

Rob was introduced to Corydoras when his father bought a few “Julii catfish” at a local pet shop for his younger sister “Julie”.   These were fascinating to watch and throughout the years he always found room to keep some of the small and interesting bottom dwellers.  Several years back after a spawning spree of breeding 25 different fish in one year Rob decided he wanted more focus in what he was doing.   Out of all the fish spawned that year, the Corydoras paleatus were by far the most fun so the choice of what to focus on was easy.   Three years later he now has more than 80 types of Corydoradinae fish in his home and has been told by friends and family that he most likely qualifies as an addict of some sort! Rob hopes to continue breeding and enjoying Corydoras for as long as he possibly can.

Pierce Head Shot_1407

Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce has been keeping fish for as long as he can remember. His interest in all things aquatic led to degrees in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography. He has worked in a retail aquarium store and in two public aquaria. He currently maintains approximately 1200 gallons in 120 aquaria in his fish room. Since his largest aquarium is 65 gallons, most of his fish are small. Although he keeps and enjoys all kinds of fish, killifish, wild-type livebearers and characins are of particular interest right now.

In addition to fish keeping, Richard enjoys photography, especially photographing fish and macro photography. He has won awards in both the American Killifish Association and NEC photo contests, and now chairs the annual NEC photo contest. He has spoken at many aquarium societies in the throughout the country and enjoys meeting other aquarists and visiting their fish rooms.

Richard has been an active member of the Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island since 2003 and is currently Breeder’s Award Program Chair. He is an active member of the American Killifish Association, and served as its Chairman from 2013 – 2015. He is vice-President of the Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies and chairs their Breeders Participation Program. Finally he is the President of the Southern New England Killifish Association (SNEKA).


Dr. Stephan Tanner

Stephan has been keeping aquarium fish since 1982. Born in Switzerland, he set up his first fish tank at age 14, followed by a whole bunch more over the years. His fascination for nature and biology led to a B.S. degree in Ecology and Molecular Biology (1995) and a Ph.D. in Human Molecular Genetics (1998); both from the University of Bern, Switzerland. During his undergraduate years, he also worked several years for a local fish and pet shop (Spiezer Zoo, Spiez, Switzerland).

In 1992, he became a member of the International Society for Barbs, Tetras, Loaches, and Catfishes (IG BSSW). From 1994-2006, he was the editor-in-chief for its quarterly publication BSSW Report. He regularly travels to fish related events all over the United States and Europe. He is also a member of the IG BSSW, American Cichlid Association, American Livebearer Association, North American Native Fishes Association, Minnesota Aquarium Society, and Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts. Since January 2013, he is a senior editor and the translator for Reef to Rainforest Media LLC, the publisher of the famous CORAL and AMAZONAS magazines in Vermont.


Spencer Jack

Spencer has been active within the aquaria hobby since the age of five. A true “cichlidiot”, he had worked exclusively with cichlids for over thirty years. He has since expanded his horizons to include all types of tropical fish.

Spencer has been an active hobbyist within Winnipeg for a number of years. Some of his roles within the fish hobbyist community include:

  • Co-founder of the Aquarium Society of Winnipeg (1989)
  • Founder and President of the Canadian Cichlid Association (2000)
  • Co-founder of the Dead Fish Order (2012)

Spencer now owns and operates a tropical fish business, The aFISHionados, and is still an avid fishkeeper and breeder.

Spencer’s enthusiasm, humour and dedication towards the aquarium hobby is easily witnessed through his lectures. All of Spencer’s lectures are full multimedia presentations using PowerPoint, and almost all of the pictures in use are original pictures taken by Spencer during his years in the hobby and travels across North, South, Central America and beyond.

Spencer is a part of the American Cichlid Association speakers program, and is brought to us in part by, ZooMed Labs ( in association with ACA (

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11am Auction Starts

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