CAFÉ Meetings

CAFE typically has five bi-monthly meetings each year plus the Christmas/Holiday dinner. Each meeting will feature a guest speaker pertaining to a particular aspect of the aquatic hobby. There will also be a raffle, BAP/HAP submissions, and a mini auction at each meeting. Fellowship with other hobbyists is the norm as we maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where novices and experts alike may exchange ideas and experiences.

You need not be a member to attend meetings and everyone is welcome to join CAFE.


Meetings begin at 7:30 PM on the fourth Friday of even-numbered months (February, April, June, etc…) December is an exception. The club has a Christmas banquet which is generally announced sometime in November. (please note the banquet is limited to club members only). A club event or activity will be held on non-meeting months.

We encourage folks to arrive early as registration for the meeting auction will take place prior to the start of the meeting.

REMEMBER: The 4th Friday of the month is not always the last Friday of the month.


Sawmill Lanes
4825 Sawmill Rd
Columbus, OH 43235

Special Rules for Meeting Auctions:

  • Speaker items will sell first followed by BAP/HAP items.
  • Only members of CAFE may sell, anyone may buy.
  • Registration for the auction will take place prior to the start of the meeting.
  • Any bag that sells for $1 will be considered a donation to CAFE. All member or BAP/HAP items that sell for $2 or more, including BAP/HAP will be a 70% to seller and 30% to CAFE split. (CAFE would lose money mailing a check for a $1 bag)
  • The CAFE portion of a vendors total sales will be Rounded UP to the nearest dollar.
  • No dry goods except for donations or speaker items.
  • Only 1 bag/lot of a species or color morph may be entered per seller.
  • Only 5 bags may be entered per seller.
  • BAP/HAP items with accompanying BAP/HAP Forms do not count towards a seller’s bag or species/color morph limits, but only 1 bag/lot of a species may be turned for BAP/HAP per meeting.

If you have any further questions or seek clarification of any of the above rules, please contact us
and let us know.