Brian Zimmerman

Originally from NE Ohio, Brian became interested in keeping native fish in aquariums at a very young age. He had bred both Spotfin Shiners and Southern Redbelly Dace in captivity by the time he had graduated from high school. Brian attended Heidelberg College in Tiffin Ohio where he double majored in Environmental Biology and Water Resources. Also while at Heidelberg he started his private business Zimmerman’s Fish in 2003.

Brian then moved on to Bowling Green State University where he earned a masters in Aquatic Ecology. After college he worked for an environmental consulting company before getting a job at Ohio State University in fall of 2007. Since then he has changed positions a couple times but continues to work at Ohio State. Currently he splits his time between the Museum of Biodiversity and the Stream and River Ecology lab. He primarily works on projects funded by the Ohio Division of Wildlife dealing with the distribution and conservation of Ohio’s rare and endangered fish species.