Dennis Ball

Dennis has been an avid aquarist his entire life. He started out keeping aquatic critters collected from local ponds and streams. By the age of 8 he was keeping proper “tropical” fish in aquariums. In the late 60’s when a local fish store owner offered to buy all the African cichids Dennis could raise, he was hooked for life!

Over the past 50+ years Dennis has kept mainly livebearers, African, South & Central American cichlids, Natives, and various shrimp and crayfish. The past 10 years, he has focused mainly on fish from the Danionins group; Danios, Devarios, and the like.

He credits his success spawning and raising fish to large regular water changes, lots of live foods fed on a daily basis, and keeping live plants in all his tanks. He believes in following a natural approach to keeping aquatic plants and anamials when ever possible.

Dennis currently keeps around 100 tanks in his fishroom. He is a member of the Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts, and the Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society. He maintains the CAFE and CKG websites and also has several aquatic related websites of his own.