Joe Fleckenstein

Joe Fleckentein

Joe Fleckenstein, past president of the Circle City Aquarium Club in Indianapolis, has been in the hobby seriously for about twenty-five years. He formerly maintained many species of fish in a basement fishroom consisting of over 130 aquariums. Joe has recently moved to a larger property and is currently working on constructing a separate building in order to expand and update his hobby. Joe has a B.S. degree in zoology and an M.S degree in secondary education from Ball State University. He is employed as a high school science teacher.

At the April 22, 2016 CAFE meeting, Joe will give a program on how he turned his above ground pool into a pond housing tropical fish in the summer. The talk will include how he maintained his 13,000 gallon oasis in the backyard of his home in Indianapolis. He will discuss the types of plants and fish he has kept in the pool pond as well as many other aspects of this unusual spin-off of his “aquaristic” addiction.