Mike Wise

Mike has been a fish hobbyist for over 40 years and has kept dwarf cichlids almost from the beginning. He’s been a member of the Colorado Aquarium Society since 1977 and the American Cichlid Association since 1982. Presently, Mike curates Apistogramma for the Cichlid Room Companion web site and was Technical Editor for The Apistogram, the journal of the Apistogramma Study Group. He has articles published in several magazines and received writing awards from the ACA and FAAS. Mike also translated three German language books on dwarf cichlids into English, as well as many scientific and hobby related papers. He is one of the contributors to the German/English book South American Dwarf Cichlids a “Special Publication” (Sonderheft) published by the German magazine, DATZ. Among his many experiences are three, 4 week-long collecting trips in which he lived, ate, and collected fish with native collectors in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Mike has given programs at national conventions for the American and British Cichlid Associations, as well as to many local, regional, and international fish clubs on the various aspects of collecting, identifying, keeping, and breeding dwarf cichlids.