Neil Frank

Neil has been in the aquarium hoppy since he was 14 and never had a tank without live plants. As a serious aquarist for the past 4 decades, he helped unravel the mysteries of successfully maintaining plants in freshwater aquaria. Neil was the principal organizer of the Aquatic Gardeners Association and from 1991 to 1999 was the editor of The Aquatic Gardener, the AGA journal. He has had numerous articles on aquatic plants and fishes in TAG, FAMA and other aquarium magazines including several periodicals in Asia and Europe. He is also an avid collector of aquaristic literature, focusing on older aquarium publications and everything ever printed on aquarium plants.

Now retired, he has renewed his focus on the aquarium hobby. He enjoys breeding, photographing and studying the behavior of fishes. Although he still maintains several large planted aquaria, he also keeps his plants in somewhat more traditional “fish tanks!” A charter member of the Raleigh Aquarium Society (established 1981), Neil is currently its program chair and is also in charge of the RAS Horticultural Award Program.