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Robert Lupton

Robert Lupton is the owner of Flip Aquatics, LLC based out of Warren Ohio. His business focuses on American bred and tank raised shrimp, fish and propagated plants. Robert is known across the country for his freshwater dwarf shrimp. Since 2010, he has worked with multiple genuses of shrimp to gain a better understanding of their care, breeding and other environmental factors that lead to successful keeping.

Robert graduated from Westminster College with a double major in accounting and business administration. After graduating, Robert started a medical weight loss clinic in Pennsylvania. After a year, he decided to pursue his dream of making a business out of his passion for the aquarium hobby. In July of 2014, Flip Aquatics, LLC was formed. Since then, Robert has acquired a 4,000 sq ft breeding facility equipped with over 300 tanks.

Robert’s dream is to provide the US market with US bred and tank raised shrimp. He believes that breeding the shrimp in captivity and indoors will help reduce spread of disease and parasites amongst the hobby. Flip Aquatics plans to help reduce the amount of shrimp taken from the wild. The shrimp Flip Aquatics produces spend less time traveling and therefore lead to better results amongst hobbyists.