Dr. Suzanne Gray

Assistant Professor of Aquatic Physiological Ecology

My research integrates physiological and behavioral ecology to advance our understanding of the generation, maintenance, and conservation of aquatic biodiversity. Fundamentally, I am interested in understanding why (and how) some animals can rapidly respond to human-induced environmental shifts while others cannot. I use freshwater fish as a model organism for elucidating these mechanisms because they are (i) currently experiencing severe and rapid environmental change due to human activities from local to global scales, and (ii) are amenable to manipulative field and laboratory studies. My research integrates lab and field studies with theory from physiological and behavioral ecology to examine the responses of freshwater fishes to rapid and severe environmental change. Specifically, I address the following broad questions:

  1. How do fish respond to multiple environmental stressors?
  2. Do ecological and evolutionary responses to natural vs. human-induced variation in environmental stressors differ?
  3. How will human-induced environmental change influence aquatic biodiversity?

More info about Dr. Gray is available at The Gray Lab Website: http://u.osu.edu/gray.1030/