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    Steve Pickett

    I have the following for sale –

    Eheim Professional II canister filter
    Dupla CO2 control system w/ PH probe and 2 CO2 tanks. 1 – 2.5lb, 1 – 5lb w/CO2
    Coralife reverse osmosis water filter
    Large Hagen water test kit with most reagents intact
    2 Eheim battery powered automatic feeders
    Lots of miscellaneous bits
    This gear has been in dry storage for about 5 years, so most of the suction cups and other parts susceptible to drying out will need to be replaced. Those parts, however should be easily found.
    I have tested what I could, and everything seems to be working as it did when I tore down my aquarium setup, but I make no guarantees on anything.
    I’m asking for $100 which is MUCH less than all of this gear is worth. I just can’t stand to see it continue to sit idle when someone could certainly make good use of it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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