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    Kevin Bauman

    I intend to bring the following to the CAFE swap meet January 22

    LED lights (48″ & 18″-24″
    single, double and triple tube strip lights
    2 large Cobalt egg tumblers
    Some red shale and lots of limestone
    4 pieces of driftwood
    power heads
    several Penguin 330 hang-on-back filters
    several AC-500 / AC-110 hang-on-back filters
    Ultraviolet sterilizer
    new still in box diatom filter & a bag of diatoms
    poret matten filters and lifters for 10/15/20T/30/40/55/75 gallon tanks
    bags of activated carbon for AC-110 filters

    I also have a few hundred pounds of pool filter sand if you come to me. (Not at swap)

    Kevin Bauman


    How much do you want for the colbalt egg rockers? Possibly interested in both of them.

    Kevin Bauman

    $5 each for the egg tumblers



    We would like both of them. Can we pay you cash on Saturday or do you want us to send payment to you today through PayPal?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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