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    Dan Persico

    Will be moving in a few months and looking to start downsizing my tanks. Will also sell a few tanks once fish and plants are sold. If interested I can email a video of tanks so you can get an idea of the fish. Pick-up or can meet you somewhere in Columbus (preferred). Selling in groups only. Very healthy, adult fish. Thanks!
    -School of Danio choprae (Glowlight) and Danio kyathit (Orange Fin) 10+ fish: $25
    -Shoal of Regular and Albino Glowlight Tetras 10+ fish: $15
    -Shoal of Neon, Cardinal and Green Neon Tetras 10+ fish: $20
    -Group of 3 Pea Puffers: $10
    -Fancy Guppies 10+ Adults plus fry: $20
    -4 Emerald Eye Rasbora $10
    -5 Loretto Tetras $30
    -2 Sterbai Corys $10
    -Beautiful Pair of Fundulus Crysotus, wild caught, large male with lots of red, melanistic female (rare) $30
    -Plants: XL Anubius $15 each

    hannah rath

    super interested in the neon group. have all of them except the greens (been wanting forever) and would love to grow their schools.

    hannah rath

    actually, i’d take the first three groups, plus the corydoras, and potentially the lorettos. i’m in columbus as well

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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