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    James Whit

    I could use some advice on floating plants. I have some salvinia minima, and I can’t decide whether I hate it or just hate it at this point LOL. I love how it looks, but beyond that it is becoming a nightmare. I’ve got it corralled, to some extent, but it still just drives me nuts and I’m beginning to think that floating plants in general are just a trap, unless you have a huge tank (mine is 37 gallon.) It seems to be taking over the surface of my tank, which concerns me that I’m not going to have enough surface area for off gassing. It also shades a lot of my tank which I’m not a big fan of either. I’ve removed some, I gave some away, and it just keeps expanding. It is impeding my progress when cleaning the tank (or having to do anything in the tank, really.)I like how it looks, and my fish seem to enjoy it, and I want to keep loving this plant like I once did, but I’m at the point where I’m ready to get rid of it. Can I get some thoughts, opinions, or advice on how to better manage this stuff? Thank you in advance!

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