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    Black rams (Proven breeding Pairs)- mikrogeophagus ramirezi
    German Blue Ram (1 pair)
    fundulopanchax gardneri p82 Killifish pairs
    Wild Betta Dennisyongi F1 pairs
    Fancy Blue marble betta males
    IFGA American Blue Delta Guppies
    Full Red Albino Guppies
    Fancy guppy mix
    Blue Dream Shrimp
    xenotoca doadrioi goodeid, San Macros location Breeding group
    xenotoca enisia goodeid, Location unknown
    Heterandria formosa – Least killifish

    Floating plants (Water lettuce, frog bit, Red root floaters, Salvinia, Riccia)
    Guppy Grass
    Java moss

    Live food cultures:
    Micro warms
    Daphnia depending on availability

    Chris Baker

    I’m interested in guppies. What are looking to get for them?

    Charles Beard

    How much for the black ram pairs and are they blue black rams or the dark night rams?


    $10-$15 for pair of guppies.


    They are dark knights just need separate tanks to bring out the color, few I rehomed last month colored up nice dark color. https://www.facebook.com/groups/columbusfishclub/permalink/10158097927831734/ in the comments You can see the pair from the same batch. They colored up after moved to their own tank.
    $50 for proven young breeding pair.

    Chris Baker

    Do you have 2 pairs of each of your guppy lines available?


    I’m low on full red albino guppies someone already reached out for them but I can try to save atleast a pair for you. Blue Delta I have available, should have green not sure should check the tank and I’m bringing some mixed guppies, pure endlers and wild Livebearer goodeids as well!

    Chris Baker

    I will definitely take a pair of the reds and two pairs of blues if you have them. Could be interested in greens. Chris

    Charles Beard

    I will take a pair of the Black Rams. Charles


    Sure, I will be bringing 4 pairs of rams. I will try to save one for you until 1 PM.

    If you are local to Columbus you can pick them up before as well as the weather is cold I don’t want to stress them much by keeping them in bags. Toss a message to devopsai3@gnail.com if you want to discuss more.

    Thanks for looking!!


    Chris, I will save guppies for you until 1 pm.


    Chris Baker

    Sounds good


    Hi Charles
    Still holding rams for you, if you are not coming let me know.


    Mike Wilson

    Hi. What are you asking for your x. doadroi group?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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